Learn When You Want, Where You Want

Conversate is available exclusively in Tokyo, Japan

Why you should join.

We understand how busy life can get with family, work and life. We want to bring the nuances of in person learning direrctly to you. When it comes to educational learning, nothing beats being in person; social cues, eye contact, it is all part of the bigger puzzle. Similarily, your connection with the educator is a defining factor in how well you learn, which is why we have mandatory teacher introductory videos to allow you to get acquainted before you ever meet. We want only the highest calibre of teachers, so you can learn from the best.

Why you would stay.

Our aim is to build the leading English Language marketplace in Japan. See exactly who is available in your area, anytime you want. With proposed functionality to incorporate a built in lesson builder, teachers and students alike will be able to work effortlessly all within one environment. Lesson plans can be designed by professional educators, and improved through crowdsourced discussions. Our soon to be implemented real-time availability will tell you exactly when a teacher is available. Never worry about payment, as transactions are performed securely using the leading payment processing portal Stripe.

Why you will share.

With our student and teacher referral system, there are plenty of extra bonuses to be had if you refer friends and family. As a student, when you refer another student, you earn credits for use towards future lessons. It doesn't matter how many students or friends you refer, get free credits and use them towards your future education* As a teacher, refer another educator that you think would be a great fit and we will pay you a fixed % of their earnings for each lesson. This is our gift to you for helping us build a powerful educator network.

Easy Peasy

It's as simple as 1. 2. 3.


Find your perfect teacher, search based on skills, technique and style


Meet up when you want, where you want


Study at your own pace with your own personal teacher


A powerful language learning eco-system

An on-demand marketplace designed to connect teachers and students.

Here at Shiny Barnacle we have a lot of experience in the language education sphere. We leveraged all of that knowledge and poured it into Conversate. With a new take on the traditional "request, and hope for a reply" service model, Conversate allows you to take control. Search your city based on your current location, and see every teacher in your area. Browse the map to find out where teachers are and seamlessly view their teacher profiles and learn more about them. Search for teachers based on a specific skill, price range and overall user feedback rating. Our rich media profiles allow you to get aquainted even before you meet. All of this information is there at your fingertips, so that you can get the best possible learning experience. Only you know how you learn, so it should be you that decides which teacher is the best suited to help you.

We believe that the nuances of speaking a language lie in the personal interaction you have with other people. Without being in front of someone, you won't have the same pressure to get comfortable and speak naturally. This is exactly why practicing for public speaking is vastly different in front of a crowd than it is reciting alone in a room or in front of a mirror. We are an on-demand, in person language learning marketplace, designed to put you directly in front of an English language professional when you want, where you want. Come join us, and Conversate today!


Come see what makes us different
On Demand

On Demand

We are working towards a true real-time availability system, so you will know exactly when a teacher is available.

Proximity Based Matching

Proximity Based Matching

Searches are done based on your current location, so you can see exactly who is out there

Personable tutors

Personable tutors

Every tutor is required to record a 1 minute video introduction, so you can get better acquainted

Build Lesson plans once

Build Once, Use Endlessly.

With our lesson builder, tutors can build their course materials directly on the site, making it easier to work with students.

Two Way Reviews

Two Way Reviews

Reviews work both ways, Tutor to Student, and Student to Tutor, so you always have unbiased feedback

Online Feedback

Online Feedback

Receive feedback from your tutor directly within the app, so you will always know how you are doing.

Search Criteria

Find what you need

Search on multiple criteria. Want a specific accent, search on ethnicity. More comfortable with a male or female speaker? Search accordingly

Referal Bonus

Referral Bonuses

Sign up other students and receive credits for use towards future lessons, or refer a teacher and we will pay you a fixed % of earnings from every lesson they teach.

Schedule Tutors

Scheduled tutoring

Like your tutor? Want to see them again? You can schedule your tutor frequency so you can continue learning from the best.