The Team

Davey Jones Adam Quast

Adam Quast

Davey Jones

An all encompassed pirate, Adam is the gentle giant of the ship. Weathered and wise, he has the bearing of a man well accompanied with the seas. With 16 years in the rigging, working from developer to Dev Manager, Adam is no stranger to this dog eat dog world. With countless plunders under his belt, he is welcome aboard the Shiny Barnacle.

BlackBeard Alex Stiglick

Alex Stiglick

Black Beard

Consistently getting the lackies to haul the ropes and draw the rigging, Alex "BlackBeard" Stiglick is as commandeering as they come. Now with 15 years experience, he has started 3 companies and assembled a team of the best pirates for his next conquest. A true businessman, with a 'Show me the Money' attitude, he is one fierce pirate.

Jack Sparrow Greg Vorobyev

Greg Vorobyev

Jack Sparrow

Quite young for a pirate, Greg "CatchSparrow" has 9 years of technical skills under his belt. Greg currently has deferred his PhD studies in Computer Science, to embrace the challenge of bringing change to the world through our connective solutions. With an IQ of 310, Greg brings a very literal sense of humor to the Shiny Barnacle.

Calico Jack Mike Lee

Mike Lee

Calico Jack

The craziest of them all, Mike joins in the hopes of bringing people together and engaging the world. 12 years of hardened battle on the open seas have seen Mike forge ahead from developer upto CTO in his last role. An English teacher in a previous life, Mike knows the intimate details of teaching English as a second language. He will do whatever it takes to finish the job, and having no bounds to his endurance, will certainly be the last pirate standing.

Fuma Kotaro Steve Stiglick

Steve Stiglick

Fuma Kotaro

The fearsome ruler of the Japanese coast, Steve "Kotaro" has his sights set on world domination. With 12 years navigating the high seas in the IT industry, 5 years experience building and managing his own fleet of skilled sailors, and personal experience teaching English in Japan, he is relentless in his drive towards perfection. With one startup already under his belt, he’s ready to slay every challenge that dare cross his path.

Fuma Kotaro Steve Stiglick

Michael Bell

Long Ben

Dubbed the "King of Pirates” by contemporaries, Michael navigates his crew through the turbulent seas of start-ups with sextant-like precision. He sights and seizes the most profitable opportunities for leveraging maximum corporate growth and return to his investors. With 20 years experience in bootstrapping businesses, he ensures the booty brought back is spent wisely, ensuring eternal prosperity for his fellow pirates and investors.

Heidi Albright

Heidi Albright

Anne Bonny

A fierce, hard working, independent woman-pirate, Heidi loves new adventures and exploring the world. An independent thinker who consistently thinks outside the box, she easily ruffles the feathers of the other pirates aboard the Shiny Barnacle. Heidi brings a strong desire to succeed and the will to make positive change in the lives of people around her. No challenge is too big or too small for this fiery independ she-pirate!